Monday, November 10, 2008

Calendar Signs for the Months of the Year (Hebrew/English)

Tova Miriam Puchovitz has finished designing Hebrew/English Month signs guaranteed to brighten any classroom*. Add them to your monthly calendar or decorate your classroom with them. Either way, your students will love these gorgeous signs. Check out the pictures above for this month’s sign. Make sure to stop by before November/Cheshvan ends!

4.25x11: 50¢ per copy
Packet of 12: $5

8.25x11: $1 per copy
Packet of 12: $10
*Colors may look different on your computer. Come into the Pavilion to see the real thing!

1 comment:

The Marshak Family said...

These are amazing! Thank you so much for this much requested product!
-Shoshana Marshak