Monday, November 10, 2008

Holocaust Experience Meeting

Here at the Walder Education Pavilion of Torah Umesorah, we have received a tremendous number of requests from educators for a comprehensive Holocaust curriculum appropriate for the elementary grades. A true trailblazer, Mrs. Rouhama Garelick, Director of the Walder Education Pavilion of Torah Umesorah, is breaking new ground with the creation of a Children's Holocaust Museum and Curricular Library. Through the farsighted vision and generosity of Mr. Allan Dworkin, The Pavilion has been given the resources to take on this noble mission.

On Wednesday, November 5th, a committee of experts, led by Mrs. Garelick, gathered to share their vast knowledge and experience for the creation of the Dworkin Holocaust Experience at the Pavilion. Mr. Sam Harris, President of the Skokie Holocaust Museum, Mrs. Ruti Lichtenstein, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hamodia and Binah Magazine, and Rabbi Shalom Friedman, Director of the Torah Umesorah Holocaust Curriculum, are experts in the field of Holocaust studies and are part of an advisory committee to support the larger committee. Together they will collaborate on the two departments of the Holocaust project. The first department is the Museum Experience, whose goal is to make sure that the information within is accurate and psychologically safe for children. The second department is focused on creating Holocaust curriculum in a box for teachers across all grade levels to bring into their classrooms. Teachers will also be given the opportunity to bring their students to the Holocaust Experience and make studying the Holocaust even more meaningful to their students. We will keep you posted with more news as this project grows.
Other members of the Committee include:
Dr. Walder, Founder and CEO of IDT
Tony Cannon, Physical Project Manager
C.J. Kramer, President of Kol Ram and Project Leader
Phran Edelman, Creative Director of Project
Rabbi Mordechai Raizman, Executive Director of Foundation for Learning and Development

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